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Working between architecture and marketing, at Playmedia® we have a multidisciplinary team who aim to inspire people by creating experiences, establishing a dialogue between the product, the brand and the audience. We design fully integrated projects with 360º communication, providing a non-conformist vision that shuns conventionality. At Playmedia architecture works alongside marketing and advertising, collaborating with educators and brand consultants.

Our expertise lies in creating projects that are capable of attracting visitors and in shaping the client’s content and product.

We work with a team of architects, brand consultants, marketing experts, product, interior, product and graphic designers, educators, art directors, 3D and 2D designers, creative technologists, audiovisual engineers and event producers. 

We create and design projects in these 3 areas:



Our team transforms your content into an all-round cultural experience. We devise extraordinary ways to impact visitors and design singular spaces for one-off projects, creating effective proposals that attract visitors and maximize footfall. By enhancing people’s curiosity, we aim to inspire and amuse them, using magical touches to open up their minds.

Cities and countries around the world compete to attract tourists, hoping to develop their potential as a brand and become profitable businesses as well.

We develop projects from start to finish - from design to production - using experimental strategies that act as catalysts for economic growth.

We create a unique experience for visitors, spreading messages across the board.

Visitor centres
Science museums
Cultural experiences
International exhibitions
City marketing and branding



We interpret your brand. We design experiential spaces, creating an experience by working closely with our clients, using a unique, effective and exclusive approach. Not only are we capable of increasing brand notoriety, generating a greater influx of visitors to their spaces, but we also add value to their brand by generating a direct connection with them. We walk hand in hand to the future.

Brand museums
Brand architecture
Exhibition stands
Shopping malls



Share your vision with us and we will devise the best strategies to design and recreate your wildest dreams, with accurate production and careful attention to detail. We surprise, amaze, transform and move people. We accept the challenge by combining design and know-how to create the perfect mix of fun, entertainment, new technologies and attention to detail.

Set design
Theme parks

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